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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Halloween at our front door??!!!

Ok I guess it's almost halloween, I really forgot, but my sweet husband didn' t forget looooool
Meet Scary Pumpkin and Spooky Gunther at our front door, BRRRR.....not sure I wanna take the front door while they stand there;-)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Our place...

Another place you should visit but.... ask first;-)

Cologne Cathedral

People build amazing stuff in Second Life, this is another wonderfull building you really must visit:-)

La Reve the end..

Take your time to visit this one;-)

La Reve

La Reve

La Reve

The Matrix continued..

Told you I would tell you more about what I found in Second Life, ofcourse this is not the Matrix like the movie but when I saw this it reminded me of:-)
Next some more pics about this amazing place in SL called 'La Reve'.
SLurl with last picture and please if you have time visit this, especially under water:-)
Have fun!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Matrix!

I bet everyone on planet Earth has heard of 'The Matrix'... tell you more about it later on this blog;-)

Caught in the dark with letters???

Hmmm.... didn't know what to think about this place, black spot with letters????
Were we supposed to write a letter with the letters? They did move when we touched..
Was it a puzzle?? Was it a riddle??
No it was The Australian Centre of Virtual Art!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

A brand new castle!!!!

I rent out land but an empty land is not so attractive so Jo built a castle on it, we are still working on it because we had some SL issues, ggrrrr.....thx again Linden pffff

But before we lost it it looked like this, and I'm working on it to get it back like this:-)))

So SL residents, if you are interested in renting land + a beautiful castle here you must be:-)

Sculptie Island

I told you Second Life is a wonderful place to explore. We did again couple of days ago and found this place, if you like to swing on a tree or you love animals this is the place to be. There are camels you can ride, elephants, name it, they got it:-)))
Check it out and have fun!!

Friends after all???

I'm so glad... those two didn't like each other so much, but seems they talked about it, Lol
So finally friends:-))

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Face faces....

We are here for a long time, Jo and me... I got a new skin (about time loooool), he worked on his face.. and to be honest, i fell in love with his first face but to be more honest...this face is so much better aspecially with the grey eyes..
Honey you are to kill for now!!!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

I love kissing him;-)

This man is wonderful and deserves to be kissed so many times... and I'm very willing to do that:-)
I love you forever and thank you for being with me!
And I will keep on kissing you honey:-))

A dancing Landlord:-))))

Someone couldn't stop dancing last night at The Who concert, he even went on dancing long after the concert was done, loooool
My favourate Landlord TQ had the time of his life:-)))
Thx for coming TQ:-)

The Who was great!!!!!

Last night was a blast at the stage, not so many people there but my friends were and it was a great show!! Thx all for being there and thx MJ Haig and Marco Sadovnycha and the rest of the band for a superparty!!!!:-)))

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Reliving the '60s and '70s.. Oh yessssss!!!!

Saterday October 4th at 2 PM SLT it's gonna happen!!! THE WHO tribute band on my very own stage:-)))

Check it out:-))