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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Duran Duran tribute yesterday

That gig was great, it was so great and I had such a good time I totally forgot to take pictures GRRRR..
I like to thank Stilian and the band and ofcourse everybody who was there.
Despite the LL adult rating of the sim a couple of days ago, many people could get in and had a great time.
For those who were unable to get in please try to age verify for next time;-)
Thank you all again!!!!
See you on stage next time:-))

Friday, August 28, 2009

DURAN DURAN tribute on Lionheart Stage


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The best yachts in Second Life!!

If you are searching for a big yacht to live on, or a smaller yacht to live on, or a totally furnished yacht, or a speedboat that drives, or a sailboat to discover Second Life waters there is only one name, only one shop to visit!!

JMC Yachts

The best built yachts and ships in SL, not expensive and above all for many of us very important!


Interested? I bet you are;-)
Take your SLurl here:

If you want to know more about these beautiful ships or need assistance IM Jo Myhre in-world, he will tell you all you need to know about his ships:-)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Biking on the moon, are we silly or what?!!

Last night showcase took us to the moon too...but my husband was a bit of a partypooper, he refused to wear the free spacesuit, ofcourse I did... but we were kinda lazy, so we got on our bikes to discover the moon;-)
and honey, next time no discussion, you WILL wear the spacesuit!!!


Showcase in search is a great thing. Yesterday I was looking if there were any new hotspots. And we got lucky, so my husband and I pulled out our backpack and went hiking in a place called 'Error'..
it's a small island but so very beautiful, very nice built, all on it is sculpted, and the nature is marvelous, a great place for taking fabulous pictures too..

I'm only not sure why they call it 'Error', to me it did not feel like an error or maybe... just maybe... this guy had something to do with it, he looked like a total error to me, LOL (not even sure if it's a boy or girl, maybe it as an it)

Anyways... it's a great place to visit. Check out Showcase/hotspots in search, have fun;-)

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Sorry for my appearance but I'm soooooo totally ready for the Sex Pistols;-)
Don't forget and don't miss this!!!
Saturday 22nd, 2 PM SLT (23.00 CET)

Monday, August 17, 2009

And then I was unconscious!

We have weapons, a lot of weapons lol... and I'm practicing with them on my husband but GRRR, he is so fast... so he knocked me down last night, but honey.. I never give up. One day I will get you like hell;-)

Two second lives, one avatar!!

This is somehow crazy, I am Lio, the event planner, the photographer, the landlord... and I am Lio Lion Lady, the RP player... two second lives with one avatar is crazy, LOL.. but I really do love the Gorean places, I love the builds, I love the people (well, ehm some), and I love the fights. But I was there at this 'make a wish pit', and I made a wish... I wished I had more time to do all, grrr..
Time ofcourse is I guess we all miss.. Second Life for some of us is NOT A GAME, like Marnix said, for the most of us it is another way of life, for some maybe an escape from real life, for some just a life to forfill dreams they can't do in real life, for some a place to relax after a very stressfull real life week... for me it's another way of life. It is my Second Life with my husband I love like hell, with my friends I need always, for me Second Life is what I need.. I need the people who came into my life more then 2 years ago, I trust them, they are part of me..
and above all my Second Life is just beyond my dreams and I will never ever leave it no matter what happens to this avatar or what happens to me in Real Life.
Second Life is part of who I am, that is just the way it is, and I'm glad I logged in 2 years ago, I don't regret anything I did here. Its part of my being and it will stay that way:-)

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Even outlaws have to do some household sometimes, so yesterday we finally got to that. While my man was gathering some wood for our fire I did our laundry pfff....
So honey, today we can finally change our clothes after a month;-)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Bad Horse GRRRR

Got myself again a new horse, but this one is really wild. I mounted it and see what happened, I guess it don't like me GRRR. But I will tame you!!


Gorean RP is not easy, especially since I'm not a slave and I never want to be a slave. I'm an outlaw, but many Gorean sims don't like outlaws. I do respect their rules, so if my husband and I are not welcome as outlaws we leave. But it would be nice if someone would have a sim where outlaws are welcome, and also where we can use our weapons LOL.
The other night we were at a Gorean sim where outlaws are tolerated but still we got into a fight when we tried to enter their fort at the backdoor (sorry guys, make it more secure if you don't want outlaws to enter). And like Gorean is, they wanted me, the woman, to make her a slave or whatever, but my husband protected me like hell, love you honey:-)
So I guess we will continue this adventure if we have time, it is really fun to do it;-). Last thing I want to say about Gorean sims, some are very very well made and very beautiful, like these pictures show:-)