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Monday, March 30, 2009

Walk on water..

Hot Spot: Aerobreeze

This is 'Aerobreeze' it's water and beach and very calm, very peacefull.. it's a place to go when you need some fresh air;-), and maybe find a bit of your childhood back just like I did doing the jumpgame I guess everyone knows;-)
Wanna calm down and need some fresh air go to Aerobreeze and another thing, it's a great place to get some beautiful snapshots;-)

Hot Spot: REZ

Tonight I could not resist visiting some Hot Spots in SL lol.. REZ is strange, there is a railroad but no train, there is a hut you can't enter, there is a lot of stuff I again didn't get but much fun to try to find out;-) Oh and beware if you jump into the pit make sure you got a flashlight or torch with you to get out (luckely my husband did, he is so practical lol) . If you are in the mood for a strange, weird, not a really logical place go to REZ. You can find it at showcase, hot spots!! Have fun!!

More cat stuff,

Cats, cats, cats and more cats;-)

Ok ok I'm addicted to animals too lol. In RL I have two cats so it was just a matter of time I would have two cats in SL too. My husband freaks out when I go and get animals all the time but now I asked him first and he said: Ok babe:-). So may I present to you Phaedo (the red and white one) and Billy (the black one). They are really doing all the stuff RL cats do, play, sleep, jump on furniture, climb in a rope, drink milk, catch a fish and yes even do poopoo in their little toilet:-)))

Hot Spot: Pteron

'Pteron', my favourate of the 3 places I showed you. People in SL build amazing stuff, WOW... This place is very sereen, very calm, enchanting even. If you need a break from your busy SL or even your RL life, this is the place you must visit... If you go there and look at the amazing build, and even go around it in a little boat you just forget all the stress you deal with in a second:-) I will go back there very soon:-)

Hot Spot: Black Swan

Not sure if I can recommend this place, but maybe yes. If you need a very very strange experience definitely visit 'Black Swan'! If you TP there you first end up in a totally white environment as you can see:-), but really totally white with some very strange objects (don't have a pic of those, cause I was to amazed). In the white there is another TP thing, if you click on that you end up I dont know, I really dont know, just look at the next pics. But there is at tricky part, when you stand on one of the objects you have like 3 seconds to TP home, else you get f***g burned. Yes true, that is me getting burned by alien machines grrrr.... So if you are brave enough also a place you must visit;-)

Hot Spot: Templum ex Obscurum

In SL search there is a button 'Show case', click.. then 'Hot Spots'. This is the way I found some strange places... This one 'Templum ex Obscurum', hmm didn't get it really but it was very magical and since I am a big lover of magic I wandered around a bit. So definitely a place to visit:-)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Thank You!!!

INXS tribute was great last night!! Thank you again Stilian and band members and thank you all for coming and dancing with me:-)) See you at the next gig!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sunday, March 22, 2009

A lot of land? or maybe a tiny bit of land?

Hmm... was kinda nice sitting on this little island with you honey, ehh.. maybe we sell all our land and get this little thing?? We do not need much to be happy;-) Love you!!

No viking spirit in me:-(

Ewa and Jesper organized a Vikingfest the other day, I went there and saw this little poor thing sacrificed to the Gods:-((
I cried my eyes out, guess I don't have the Viking spirit in me, but thx for the invite guys, sorry we couldn't stay longer:-)

Little Brat!!!

The other day we had some land issues pfff, we had to call our landlord to help us but OMG... instead of our furry landlord this little brat visited us, loool
Thank you TQ for helping us so fast:-)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Thursday, March 19, 2009

All about Gods and Vikings at SL Ice Hotel!!!

Ok I don't know exactly what its all about, the only thing I know for sure you got to be there!!!!


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Naughty dog!!!

What the f****k!!! Jack get your ass of that poor pigeon, grrr!!!!! BAD DOG!!!!

Linden hanging....

YESSSSS!!!!!! Last Friday I could not get in SL for a while GRRRRRRR. That brings up my KILLER instinct!!! Watch out Linden gang or next pic will be one of a masshanging!!! ;-)

Out of proportion!!!

Owww... eh.... so I am the Kid???!!!


What do they say about men? They will always be little children. Well I guess there is some truth in that, my sweet husband never leaves home without his little Teddy in his backpack, lol.


I tell you, you do not want to run into him at night, brrrr.....he scared the hell out of me!!!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Is there a better place to reflect on things then at the ocean... guess not;-)

Doggie hugs!!!

We were at the dog clinic to pick up Jack (my dog) and I met this great Irish Wolfdog, but I couldn't take him with me because we already have two dogs, so saying goodbye to this one was hard, when I got home my Jack got overloaded with lots of doggie hugs:-)

More shopping...

Ok, more shopping, now a horse for my husband... ehm I asked: 'honey, why are you on the table??' answer: 'babe, I have a better view up here'. He is so crazy looool

but he did find his favourate horse, so we went for a ride

and it has a double rider, that is so great:-))

me.. I already have lots of horses, but seeing this one I could not resist, meet Spot, my new appaloosa horse:-)