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Thursday, August 28, 2008

LVD Photography September theme

As of the 1st of September I have a new theme at my little gallery at the White Room: Clouds!

Clouds have inspired me my whole life, they have something mystical, sweet, strange, spiritual, and yes sometimes even dangerous. If I look at clouds I always see something in them while they move around, even the SL Clouds:-)

Curious? Here is the Slurl

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Art bug:-)

I got it, the art bug loool ... and I blame Jesper and Butterfly:-))
So I try if I have time to visit some exhibitions and found this one, nice, sweet, funny art:-)
Wanna see it use this Slurl:

Notebook probs!!??

Hmm... Jo needed some updates for his notebook, so we visited Intel Island but one there to help GRRRRR...

Strange place though:-/

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The perfect security system

Who needs a high tech security system to protect ones property when you can have a couple of those.

Jack the Rottweiler (my dog) and Whisky the Dobermann (Jo's dog), will protect our property from now on, guess no one will try coming in without asking;-)

O btw, they not only attack on command, they attack even when we are not around, so be aware!!!!

O o o got a new idea!!!

I love taking pics, guess I might start working with models too, I already found the perfect male model to do this:-))))


I really can't help it

You look so sexy when you are at work;-)

Sweaty male gardener

He will hate me for this but I can't help it. This new hobby of mine (photography) is annoying him like hell.

He was doing our garden, and I asked him to take off his t-shirt cause he looked so sweaty and yes bad me took advantage of that.....look at the next pictures.

Sorry honey;-)

What was I thinking???

The other day we were exploring Second Life again, yeh...there is no end to it. So we ended up in this little pub and I couldn't resist to challenge my husband in a bit of arm wrestling, loool....What was I thinking?????

Yeh you are very strong honey;-)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sweet candy yeah!!!!

Finally the mountain let me go, pfff...... and I felt this urge for sweet stuff, I needed candy, lots of it...

And guess what.. I did found candy:-)))))
Didn't know what to choose so I ate all of it,lol

Why does this stuff happens to me???!!! LOL

I'm on vacation in real life so I got some time to explore second life which I did this afternoon. But somehow, donno why... I get stuck in things looooool

Maybe the mountain was angry at me or maybe it loved me and wanted to keep me there;-))

Friends do make you feel better:-)

Last night I was upsett, very upsett because long time ago something happened to me in Second Life that wasn' t so nice. Last night that past came back into my present Second Life and I was upsett, pfff..

My husband Jo suggested we had some friends over to set my mind to something else, first I didn't really feel like it, but when Jo has something in his head he doesn't have it in his.........:-)))

So Gixx, Danae and Pitt came over, we showed them around, then sat by the fire with a huge joint and talked about all kinds of stuff and had some very good laughs:-))

And I felt a lot better when I went to bed:-))

Thank you my friends, thank you my sweet husband and thank you Jesper (for the warning)!

Hugs and kisses!!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Passion it will be

Passion is his name!!!

One of my passions;-)

Got this one some days ago, must say very realistic:-))
Still thinking of a name for him, hmm.....

Alaska... I will never forget, lol

Yeah...needed this honey after all the danger in Alaska.

But next time WARN me!!!!!

GRRRRR...guess the trip is not over yet GRRRR

GRRRR, this was really dangerous honey, what would you have done when I would have fallen off of this mountain hmm????!!!!!

Ok..this is sweet:-)

Thx Honey for taking me to Alaska and let me meet this sweet elk:-)

Is the trip over now??? please???? please!!!!!

Very tired dogs, poor things...

But not only they were tired, me too after the hell race on the Alaskan river against the pirahnas, pfff o man, what's next???

Almost eaten...

Peddling like hell because we were chased by pirahnas, grrrrr......great idea honey to take us through Alaska, grrrrr

Peddling like hell!!!

O man....peddling like hell .......

Alaska... O man!!!

My husband has sometimes very good taking me on a trip through the wild land of Alaska.

Again a beautiful place in Second Life, but Honey pfff... told you before to tell me where we are going so I can dress properly for these hiking trips of yours loool

You will see what I mean when I take you through this adventure;-)

But still love you honey:-)

Thx for the tip Jesper:-)

This place is great, wonderfull, beautiful...found the slurl on The White Room blog and me and Jo visited.

We were speechless and we will go back because I think we haven't seen all yet:-)))

Tempura ballroom

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Hmm... my friends Jesper and Butterfly own this great gallery, they rent out some little gallery's to give a chance to beginning artists..

I am not an artist, far from lool... but i do like to take pictures when i travel through this virtual world..and some you have seen here on the blog but i got so much more, so for me it seemed like a good idea to exhibit my photographs in-world.

So I did at my dearest friends place:-)
Butterfly and Jesper, thank you for having me there:-)

Friday, August 1, 2008

Yip Jannings 'Diva of Soul'

Last night my SL/RL friend opened his new venue GixXxer's, must say it was a big success. The performer of the evening was Yip Jannings a real life artist performing in second life, and she is really good, great music, great show.... think I might get her on my stage too one day.

Oops, no can't do that, Gixx and me have an agreement looool...he does his music, I do mine but we help each other, so won't get her Gixxx;-)

Btw, me and my husband danced the night away;-)

Was great Gixx and Iemie, thx for having us there and looking forward for the next show..... don't miss mine on saterday, loool!

My favourate movie... I know, I

Always wanted to know how it would feel to be on that spot with the one I love.

Well I know now;-)