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Monday, July 28, 2008

More cooling down!!!

Honey!!! Just stop it ok?

Let's get some of those words into action, loool

Hot Kiss!!

Cooling down...

Yeh I needed this cold water to cool down after the dirty talk;-)

Spicy talks at the waterfront....

Hmmm..... was hot last night (literary and figurarly, donno if i spelled it right loool), we had indeed some very spicy talks at that fire, love when you talk dirty honey;-)

Friday, July 25, 2008

Dog life??

I assure you these two beautifuls don't live a dog life with their daddy;-)

They are his princesses, and I'm glad to see them so happy:-)

A gentle lionesse stroke on their backs and a hug to their daddy:-)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sail away, sail away....

Sailing, boats, ships, yachts, sailboats, speedboats, ocean, sea......these keywords are very inspiring. Ocean and sea.... they give you some kind of feeling...freedom, that's it:-)

And I know one person who got very inspired by the sea and boats, my husband in SL.

He is the best shipbuilder of this whole virtual world. If you want to see more of his creations here, visit his shop at this slurl:

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pep and me..

Pep the cat... after all this picture taking stuff I went back to my beautiful castle, sat down next to my cat.

Must tell you about that cat.. Pep is not just a name I picked. Long time ago I met someone here called Pserendepity Daniels LOOOL

He told me to call him Pep, (easier to type) so I did. We didn't meet much or talked much and now he is gone, don't know what happened to him but I named my cat Pep after him cause he was a very special person.

Sitting here at my castle with Pep made me think about stuff.

How easy you can loose someone, how easy people forget someone, how easy people let go..
I don't, people are for me very important. I like people, I love people, I can't be without people.
I checked Jespers and Butterfly white room blog, do that all the time loool. She asked what does love mean to you. I didn't feel like telling on their blog because i just want to tell it on mine.

What does love mean to me?
Love is a big word so someone told me and it's true.

Love has also very different meanings.
Love is when my kids come home from school, take out their homework and ask 'mammy you wanna help me with this'
Love for me is waking up at morning see the sun, the blue sky and hear the birds singing.
Love for me is when my mom calls me on the phone saying she misses me.
Love for me is being with my sister when she has to do the therapy at the clinic again.
Love for me is when my real cat jumps at my lap.
Love for me is when my best rl friend comes over and does everything as possible to get my notebook work.
Love for me is when my rl ladyfriend jumps in her car to get over here when I feel bad.
Love for me is when my sl friend is here for me every night.

Love is is a big word and a big feeling and people should handle it very carefully:-)
People can love in many different ways, they get loved back or they don't.

Me I keep on loving what ever happens to me in RL or SL, i can't stop it;-)

So Butterfly, that is what love means to me.....everything, a world RL or SL without love doesnt work.

Hugs to all the people that read this and yes, Love you all:-)

A castle...surreal

Yeh, so is Second Life favourate picture;-)

A castle...pirate

Hmm Pirates..... I always dreamed about meeting one since I was a kid.
Strange...I met a yacht builder here..hmm.. ocean, see, boats, yachts...
Maybe it means something;-)

A castle...fogg

Damn, cant see a thing....

A castle... fluffy clouds

:-)) get all fluffy about this one

A night

Not just a castle, but my castle...the one Jo built for me. Never saw it right, but now I got myself a new notebook with some powerfull graphics in it, so a new SL world opened for me:-)
You see, if you got the right graphics you can get the right atmospheres:-)

Following some pictures of that beautiful castle with some nice, strange, surreal atmosphere:-)

Friday, July 18, 2008

Finally, pffff...

It took us a while, but we got the Harley's right. So time to hit the road, Hell yeah!!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

3rd Choice...OBEY!!!

Obey two man!!! Me???!!! Lionesse??!!!!
What is wrong with me?? Am I getting soft here?? Nahhhh, I just want the Harley Davidson really bad;-)
Thx my sweet husband and Mr. Loon for getting my bike right, cause I didn't really wanna grow up ;-)
But honey? Don't get used to the obey thing:-)

Harley problems??!!

Oh man.... buying a Harley Davidson is easy, adjusting it ...well seems like I'm too short for this bike.
So my dear husband tried to adjust the damn thing to my body, but see what happens...GRRRRRR, but thx anyway honey:-), btw I love you:-)
So I got 2 choices, I eat more so I grow a bit or the bike must shrink...
To be continued...

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Livin' on the Wild Side....

Racing against us? Don't challenge a scorpion and a lion... you'll loose:-)

Got a ride...

Ehhhh.... I crashed the test bike, sorry Mr. Loon.... but someone gave me a ride;-)

Harley Davidson!!

Yesterday night I went test riding this bike, I already got a Ducati, but these are great:-)

Monday, July 14, 2008

Hot couple...

Hmm... I guess we are but we wear swimsuits unlike others I know ;-)

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Watching birds... but then he does something completely out of the blue, he surprised me so much, so I forgave him his bird watching at the spot.
He knows I love jazz, he knows I love to dance especially with him.
But taking me to a jazzclub on a saterday afternoon for a dance with him, oh oh oh....
Honey, you are the best!!!
Love you like hell, superkiss!

Bird watching...

O boy, I logged on this saterday afternoon, sat next to him... what does he do??
Yeh.. watching birds instead of me, pffff...

I asked him and he said YES

We are here in Second Life over more than a year, spend lots of time together, talked about many things SL and RL so, maybe it's because I was at Jesper and Butterfly's wedding, maybe it's because I want all our friends to see how much we love each other...
We already got married a long time ago, just the two of us under the stars... superbigtime romantic, but now I want to do it in the presence of all our friends, so I asked him at this little cabin and he said 'YES'.
Love you so much honey:-)
Friends... get yourselfs ready for again a great wedding, but it will take some time;-)
I'll keep you all informed:-))

Thursday, July 10, 2008


So I waited for the bus.... it never came....


Even back than they had the dirty little video peepshows..
I really wanna go now...


Dump at Silent Hill, I really wanna go now....


Crime scene at Silent Hill....getting more scared now...


I love thrillers... especially the old ones:-)
So there is a place in Second Life that give you the Hitchcock feeling, it's called Silent Hill, and I tell you, it's silent, dark, mysterious and it gave me the creeps.....
Watch the pics and thrilllllllllll....... ;-)

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Jimi Hendrix lives!!!!

Jimi Hendrix on my stage last night was a great success.
I want to thank everyone who was there:-)
And a special thank you to JIMIhendrix Zimminy and Hennessey Sautereau for making this event happen:-))
And we will do this again, no doubt about that!
Club Lionheart rules!!!!!
Kiss to you all:-)

Jesper, Butterfly and Niya, was great to have you all there:-)

Some people couldn't handle the great music of Jimi and just fainted, or maybe too much joints, lol

And more crowd coming in but I was dancing on the hippiebus loool

Crowd coming in and my Jo overlooked the place:-)

Bubbles at the Jimi Hendrix concert:-)