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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Stage bugs...

Sometimes I do miss my stage... somehow I missed it badly last night so Jo (he is so sweet) gave me some of his fav bands on youtube to listen. I played them while I was online and started to dance at our beach. Must say our taste in music is very similar:-) Maybe some day I will get my stage back, I guess it's some kind of bug I just can't loose. Enjoy the music:-))


Since we have a lot of water on our sim we might as well get us some watersports stuff. So the other day Jo bought a surboard, that thing is so great, very realistic but grrrr... its not trans so he can't set it to group means I can't use it pfff... I was thinking of buying one too but then we saw the jetski with waterskies, so now I'm not sure, do I get a surfboard or do I get the jetski or do I get both??? Those are the kind of 'problems' we deal with lately LOL.

And the winner is ....(drums)... MY HUBBY:-)))

This is Laurel

and this is Stan:-)

Thanks honey, sorry girls but thanks for the input;-)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Too much love can kill you??!!

OH MY GOD!!!! Honey I'm so so so sorry, I will go easier on you next time;-) Never knew making love could be dangerous pfff...

Falling in love...

Three years we are together OMG, time goes fast when you are happy:-))) Falling in love with you all over again:-)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Depending on you Bloggers!!!!

OK here is the deal, I got myself two parrots today but they need a name so BLOGGERS!!!!! I'm depending on you guys and girls, give me some cute, crazy, silly whatever names for my parrots:-))) The winner gets a special invite to our housewarming lol and earns a chat with the two crazy birds here;-)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Picnic rug

At some point these working ants need a break too, so I rezzed our picnic rug and guess what... it talks OMG!! I have this thing for a while now but never realized it could talk, I mean seriously.. a rug that talks??? I guess everything is possible in SL lol
If you touch the bottle of wine (what else lol), it says things like 'Lionesse looks deeply in Jo's eyes and.....', nono you perverts, the rest I won't tell;-)

Some random pictures:-)

Ok I start to get boring with this...again pictures of our new home but well I just can't get enough of it, sorry:-)

Redo my hair...

Like I said, our superbed got some nice features, like this one... redo my hair after sleeping, pfff Perverts!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


We figured if we can afford a sim we surely must be able to afford a new bed. Jo has about 1000 beds in his invent (before he met me he collected them, don't ask me why lol), but none of them fitted our house. So we had to go shopping for our dreambed YESSS!!! And this is it, it's a Superbed, it comes with I have no idea how many animations (we will need a lifetime to try them all), but what I like most is, it also comes with objects (yehyeh, I know what you are thinking now and yes those objects are in it too, lol). Anyway, it comes with books, a notebook, a mirror to redo my hair after ehm...sleeping, even a pot with oil when we need a massage, but what I like most is the little teddybear:-))). I will never feel alone in my bed anymore when Jo is not around. I will look up the creator later and put his/her name on the blog so you can go see the bedshop for yourself. Enjoy trying beds!!!:-)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

After working...

..relaxing in our pool, YESSSS!!! I love it!!!

Some pictures of our new home:-)

Our house with pool!!!!

The mountain with the swing and horses.

Lighthouse and tiki:-)

Our garden:-)

And not to forget our yacht:-)
There is still a lot to be done but it's so much fun doing it:-))

Again a goodbye..

Last night we said goodbye to Jo's Yachtshop... it was again hard, especially for him, he had this shop for a long time. But we still think we made the right decision... and his yachts are still for sale on xstreet "JMC YACHTS".

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Our new home:-))

So here it is... our new place, totally different from what we had before but we love it!! Soon housewarming, eh.... Simwarming party, my friends:-))

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tatatata Lalalala... we ordered a sim YES!!!!!

Yes yes yes finally our sim, well to be honest we are waiting for our homestead with 3750 prims (oh my and I'm such a primeater lol). Anyway I'm so so so excited, we will make it again beautiful and cosy and tropical and ..... so much more but with less prims but f****ng a lot cheaper!!!
But in the mean time we have put up our tent and some logs at Jo's Shipyard (we need to sleep and redress somewhere don't we?)

First there was a castle, a yacht, a stage... and then there was...Nothing!!

Some explanation is needed here I think. I guess the economic crisis got to me and Jo too. We owned a lot of land, our home, the stage, my rentals, his yachtshop... it costed us a fortune every month. And not only that, but also the stress of finding artists for my stage, pay them a lot which I loved because I like to make people happy but at some point my creditcard gave me that very ugly look... Jo stressed out with his yachtshop (he still will sell yachts but on xstreet). We had a very long talk and we decided to get rid of everything, just be homeless again... for a while;-)
So yesterday everything was gone, we were flying around at what used to be our home and we spotted something in the ocean... Jo's dozer LOL, we could not resist... who the hell needs a boat when you have a dozer:-)))