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Monday, October 18, 2010

Everything comes to an end..

So will this blog, I will keep it for memories but I won't be posting anymore. I like to thank everybody who commented on my posts or just read it. You are all great people, thank you so much.
Be safe in both worlds:-) Goodbye.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I'm Back!!

More dangerous then ever ;-)
Sometimes we all have to sit back and think, I did the last couple of weeks and came to one conclusion: SL will always be a part of me, I will never ever leave it or LL has to kick my dangerous butt out of it... so I'm back, will not be in-world as much as I use to be cause RL comes first, always (did forget that the past 3 years).

Anyways, Lio is back and I'm gonna kick ass lol
(feels good to be back)

Monday, August 2, 2010


This is goodbye for now... Lio will take a break from SL to think about her life. The last 3 years in SL were very intense, me and Jo did a lot, fight a lot, loved a lot, built a lot, explored a lot but somehow.. the last few weeks I don't feel the need to log on, maybe I'm bored or maybe it's the fact I should pick up my life in RL again.
Bottomline... I have some thinking to do next couple of the blog will be quiet too...
I cannot say when or if I will be back, I can only say thank you to all the people here and in-world for having me as their friend.
I wish you all the best and please take care!!!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Lio!!!!

Turned 18 in RL yesterday ...if you don't believe that I will tell you something else;-). Anyways I didn't really celebrated it though I did get some nice text messages and emails from friends and family:-))) and my mom came over with cake, yummy.
And when I logged on in SL last night I found this adorable cute bear in an airplane, I could not resist... I just had to sit on it and fly with it for a while (I do kinda look weird on it, lol).
Thank you honey, you are the best!!! Love you!!!:-))

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Film made by Cecil Hirvi: 'The Cecil Codex'

I feel a bit down lately, also was very sick in RL, but recovering slowly. This afternoon I was kind of bored so I was on youtube and found this awesome artist Cecil Hirvi. This is one movie but he has a lot amazing stuff out there, so if you time have check him out on youtube:-)
This movie kind off expresses the way I feel lately

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What does one do when one is bored???

... sit between her parrots and let one of them pick her leg... OUTCH
honey, come online fast... starting to bleed;-)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Me fishing??? okay....

So my man got this great idea to put down a fishing thingy.... I hate fishing, I think its really boring, sitting there all day until some stupid fish decides to bite the thing LOL. But since he put it there I had to try it (to keep the peace in our household, winks), and guess what.... I got the most famous fish of all time......NEMO in my basket YAY!!!!!
Think I'm going to like that fishing stuff;-)

Pool Pleasure...

Ohhh I love our pool soooo much...and I love our sim... and I love summertime... and I love you, honey:-))

Friday, July 2, 2010

World cup widow..

Yeh, seems I'm one of them... soccor more important then well what I feel is important... I will sit through this and I'm sure when all that crazyness is over... we will be good again..
for the record: go Germany,go Germany tomorrow:-)

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Yes finally...but now I find it too hot GRRRR!!! I wish I had a bar and an ocean in RL like I have in SL.. hot hot hot pffff
yeh I know, I'm hard to satisfy;-)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Turtle-Monkey-Hobbit-Shitt Business!

Our neighbor is a TURTLE
wearing a MONKEY suit
living in a HOBBIT house
having a MONKEY pet in his backyard
carrying a pile of SHITT!

This is SL... making your dreams come true, ROFL!


Question: What is more exciting then to be still able to seduce your own man after more then three years?
Answer: NOTHING!!
Get ready for the weekend honey;-)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Fashion Show at JoLio, ROFL

Jo has a lot and I mean A LOT of shirts in his invent so we decided to have a little fashion show of our own, LOL, I try to comment as best as I can;-)

picture above: YUMMY!!!!

picture above: EEEK!!!!

picture above: very hansome:-)

picture above: not your style!

picture above: WOOT my favourate:-))

So honey when are we going to do your pants???? Looking forward to that one;-)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Bad Mood!!!!

Hmm, I'm not really in a bad mood now but Jo is. We don't have much luck these past days GRRRR...We work a lot in RL, so not much time to be on SL. Yesterday my internet connection broke, it took the internet guys 4 hours to fix it, so no SL for me yesterday. Today I was happy to log on cause all worked great but my Jo was in a bad mood pfff... his new monster machine crashed like hell today... so he logged off to fix it. No SL for me today either pffff.... please guys, send us some good luck ok:-) thx...

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Practice Arena!!

My man is a treasure, really. Told in previous post about the Greeks and Turks war and the fact I need to practice my fighting skills. Well when I logged on last night Jo built me a practice arena LOL. Okay, so I guess tonight will be my first practice in ancient warfare, OMG!!! Wish me luck all;-)

O O War!!!

We are not aggressive people Jo and me, not at all but a couple of days ago we were on a Greek RP sim, kind of by accident. Jo decided he wanted to do some island hopping so we ended up in the RP sim. First we saw on map there was a lot of traffic so we followed the green dots and guess what, there was a fighting tournament going on, we sat there and watched them fight. We had a lot of fun cause the place was so laggy most fighters were cutting air instead of there opponent LOL.
Anyway the next day we went back there and O O there was a war going on in the desert between the Turks and Greeks (i think lol), that was really exciting to see and nooooo laggg. As you know Jo and me have weapons too but we did not get into the fight cause well Jo is good with his daggers but as for me, I'm a total disaster so I need practice first. But one day I will beat all!!!!;-)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fire dragon;-)

Well, I did it.... yes it's me lol.. and i love it!!!!

To be a dragon or not to be a dragon...

Where was I? Well in RL a lot but also searching SL for the perfect dragon ava. About a year ago I told my Jo I wanted a dragon ava, we searched but could not find a good one, and also I was too chicken to change my ava LOL.
Anyhow, I have put my human ava in 1 folder and just bought this adult dragon at Aggro... Omg a lot to read, a lot to play around with. The dragons come with a complete HUD, they can totally be customized with the HUD, they have facial expressions, they have ehm... fire lol... they have a lot, well I have a few days off in RL:-)) So, in a few days (I read the manuals very slow), I will introduce you to Lio The Dragon:-)))

SL get ready for this one;-)
ehmm... you too honey lol

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dancing at the beach:-)

Our RL is so busy lately at weekdays, so it's almost impossible to go exploring or start my photography passion because that stuff does take time, time we lack off at the moment big time. But last night we did find time to dance (something we did not do for a while). We got all dressed up and Tped to the Titanic but OMG, LAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG.... Then again we thought... we have a very nice beach with a bar and a barbecue, so we got back home and danced for a while before going to bed, it was soooooo romantic, I love you honey:-)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I'm beginning to love emerald

Ok not so amazing but while I was alone in-world I looked the emerald environment editor and OMG... there is a lot in it.... I must take time to go for this... but this is me on my favourate horse:-)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hmm... newcomers not wanted, sounds like RL;-)

Why this title, well... Jo and I love to go Gorean or medieval places dressed up as hunters, him with his crossbow and daggers and me with my Legolas long bow, lol (yeh I am a fan of The Lord of the Rings). Last night we visited a medieval place called 'Tir na Latis', and all was fine. We read the rules and we were good visitors, we were just exploring the sim...

and it was really a very nice sim, we had some medieval food along the way:-)

I took the occasion to sit at this medieval desk to write my hubby a loveletter with a feather;-)

but then it kinda turned, we felt we were watched but we didn't do anything wrong so we kept on wandering the sim and at some point we were at to say, some kind of gathering circle with some medieval danceballs... knowing me I always try balls when I see one lol
While we were dancing some Lady was watching us from this bridge and next moment an arrow flew just a few inches from Jo' s face OMG!!!
It was a message arrow, we opened the message and bottomline it said we were not very welcome pffff
Why are the gorean or medieval people so afraid of harmless newcomers???

But still we had fun and this will not stop us from visiting these beautiful sims, cause most are very well built:-)
So Gorean and medievals, we are truely harmless;-)

My feeling about all this is if I was a slave and Jo a Master we would not encounter so many problems entering Gor/Medieval, but too bad... I'm not a slave, I'm a hunter;-)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hotspot: Roan!

ok ok, I know I am bombing ya all with hotspots but I did mention before I want to go back to my first love 'photography'. So what I have started since a day or two is explore a lot of places that are nice to take pictures without using photoshop (or with a little photoshop). Last night just before going to bed we discovered 'Roan'. It's very blue:-) but so nice to take real good pictures, but unfortunately it was bedtime for us... maybe I go back tonight or in the weekend to play around with the environment editor and stuff:-)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hotspot: Dreamy Moon

What a great place to end your SL night, Dreamy Moon is the perfect name for this hotspot. It does give you a dreamy mood, gives you the feeling you want to cuddle up next to the man you love and fall asleep in his arms and dream of fairies, butterflies, elves and the man of your life:-)
Have fun exploring
Sweet dreams to you all:-)

Hotspot: Retropolis!

Why do you need to visit Retropolis? Well, if you like pirateships, if you like pirateships that move, if you like seamonsters then you must visit this place. We went there and the ship actually moves like it is in very big storm and if you click on one of the lamps the 'seamonster' appears. This place is really cool but don't stay too long, after a while you get seasick in RL lol

Have fun exploring!

Hotspot: Empress and Hierophant!

This place is really, really nice landscaped. It reminds me a bit of the Scottish Highlands or Ireland. If you have some time please go visit but don't forget your umbrella, it kinda rains there a lot:-)))

Have fun exploring:-)

I have a crazy man...

My experience is that men really hate shopping... but not my man, oh no, and know why he does like shopping? Well, he likes to sit on the advertising boards lol

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter!!!

As you can see I'm still a bit out of it after the party last night LOL. But anyway Happy Easter everybody!!!! Think I will go to bed and sleep some more, take care all:-))

Friday, April 2, 2010

Follow up on the housewarming...

Sitting at the bar after the party we were like talking 'friends'.
I have a question on the blog. Who are your friends, is it your friends list?
I had this housewarming and I did a group Jo/Lio friends to get em all here, put in my closest friends in it, sent out notices but guess what... only 2 came LOL
So my question, what is the point of a friends list? My list is very long (and I did clean up some months ago), but seems all the people in are fake friends yes?
So I guess I will clean up some more and only 2 will be on it.
This said and done I'm very disappointed in many people here, it's time for me to go out there and make new 'friends', or just stay with my Jo and have fun with him (cause he is the one I do have fun with not with 'friend's).
Happy Easter... I give all my 'friends' a chocolate easter egg and hope they choke on it;-)

Housewarming with 'friends', sarcasme is needed here;-)

OMG.. first who landed were eggs... asking me they like it soft or hard.. ehm... I like a soft egg;-)

WOOTTT Raven Kondor is kicking ass here... love ya Man;-)

O ok its easter but... I dont like pink bunnies stare ate me;-)

OK this is it... Raven/King Kong...Oh Man what a party:-)))) I got Raven into a huge monkey, LOL... love you Raven and thx for a great set and thx to my friends who were here like in Gixxx and Iem, love you guys for making my housewarming a real warming, hugss to you all:-)))