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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Halleluja for technology!!!!

This morning I logged into SL, redressed, uploaded some pics.. then I started blogging. After that logged into SL again... f**k don't work. Again a try "SL appears to be froozen on previous run, you wan't to send report". I say yes. Again trying... wow I'm in.. shitt back out.. What the hell is going on here????
ok message from my notebook "Steeringprogram screen is broken but fixed now". Me happy ok.. I'm on vacation so time to SL like hell. Ok.. logging in.... huh huh huh where is my screen!!!?? All is black... f**k, shitt, and all other bad words came into my mind at that time. Bottomline, my notebook is broken, it's weekend so Dell don't work and on top of it all Monday is holliday in Belgium,GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. But a little light at the end of the black technology tunnel, I still have my old pc here. Ok normally it's for the kids but guess we have to share it again for sometime untill my notebook is fixed. So I logged on to SL on my pc.. O My, I had just forgotten how SL acts and looks like with a bad graphic card. Tonight will be an interesting night, back to the old slow laggy grey days in Second Life:-)
First thing I do on Tuesday morning is contact my Dell support guy, lol.

Chilling with Rockrose!!

We ended our night chilling with the band Rockrose... that reminds me... I must book em soon for the stage. They are great so people stay tuned for the next gig:-))

Mayday Mayday Mayday

O man, we sure do not have to explore SL to get into an adventure, the adventures take place just next to our door pffff. I told you some posts ago we have a new neighbour (the catholic man who sleeps in a tree), well yesterday Jo and me came online and that guy was flying this huge airplane around. We watched him but he didn't fly very well (maybe he was drunk ?), so suddenly he crached his plane into the ocean. Jo and me jumped into our speedboat to go rescue the catholic dude.. wanna know what he said when we arrived at the scene?? 'oh, thx but im busy in RL'... So much for helping a human being, Poeh!!! Next time he can drown himself for all I care, catholic or not! ;-)

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Eyes wide shutt!

I love clothes, shoes, hairs, skins... I just like to shop in SL, so about a week ago I was reading Alicia's blog and she was talking about Miriel Enfield closing down. Since I was walking around SL with my noob eyes still after two years (yeh, shutt up, I know lol), I took the chance and run over there like hell and this was no useless TP. These I got from Miriel, the blue and brown pack, finally I can look into others eyes without closing mine:-))

Btw, I'm sad she is closing, she does great stuff, pfff

Going tastefully naked??!!

This morning I read Alicia's blog and something is going on with us SL Bloggers,lol. Marnix started this (I don't know him, but now I read his blog too), so first I thought hmm... going naked on my blog, don't know if I should. But I don't want to be a chicken!!! So here another tastefull (I hope, lol) booty snapshot;-)


After our long walk in NY and Staten Island, we went back to this café and had a coffee, finally... my feet hurted like hell!

Staten Island...

We continued our walk in Staten Island.. SLurl:

New York, New York, New Yooooooooooooooork..

New York in SL, again a great place to visit... I love going on citytrips with my man here, so we started in New York.

Cologne Cathedral inside...

The other night we visited the Cologne Cathedral again... this place is magnificent, the people who built this in SL well, hat off.... And one day I hope to get to see it in real life:-)

Mushroom meditation... getting high, so high...

See you later alligator...:-)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Wow, our own flag!!!!!

Last night we made our own flag, well my husband did lol. We saw many ppl in SL have flags waving at their place and we thought it was about time we had our own too to put on the castle tower. So we used the colors of our country (black yellow red) Belgium and Germany:-) and we used our zodiacs (lion and scorpion) and with this my husband created this beautiful flag. It's now on the highest tower of the castle and I'm very proud of it:-) thx honey, love you, kiss!!

Rabbits, bunnies;-)

I'm such a sucker for animals, my husband goes crazy with it... but I can't help myself so meet my 2 new bunnies, Carrot and Snowball. They are soooooooooooooooo cute, they run around, jump, they even talk to you:-) O and you have to get them a fresh carrot every 21 days, they really eat it. And the other night me and my husband were shopping for some gestures and I saw this little bunny, pff could not resist it, so I got it and now I'm running around in SL with this cute little bunny on my shoulder, LOL... oh btw I don't have a name for it yet, maybe you bloggers can help me find a name for my shoulderbunny???

Strange man...

Ehmm... we have a new neighbour at the sim next to us, a very catholic man, his sim is full with catholic objects, signs and statues but what I saw him do the other day... he eh well he sleeps in a tree in some kind of bag... A very strange man...

Catching up...

Hmm... haven't been blogging for some days now, actually I didn't feel like because I have lots of pictures but no inspiration in writing. Call it a writers block or how do they say it;-) But I guess it will come back slowly, pfffff.....

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

LVD Rentals land for rent!!!

LVD land for rent, 4K (56X73 meters), 981 prims (without objects) at the price of 7240L$ a month. The land is equipped with a mediterranean house to give you that special relaxing feeling:-) You want to build your own house, no problem. LVD Rentals is flexible.

Interested? IM Lionesse Vandyke or my husband Jo Myhre in-world or use email:

Want to take a look, no problem, hit following SLurl:

Should have done this long ago... GRRR

LVD Rentals is me too:-), I own this business for quiet some time, and it's successfull so far, but I always forgot to put this on my blog, GRRR... Anyways, only one parcel is left to rent with LVD Rentals, check out next pic and description:-)

LVD Rentals stands for quality. LVD Rentals provides commercial and non-commercial parcels of land. You need to relax, you need a business, you need a shop, you need a place to put down your yacht? Rent with LVD Rentals!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy News!!

Most of the time we get bad news about wars, violence, economical crises on tv or the newspapers but not this time:-). Mondays for me are always a bit difficult, guess you might say I suffer from Mondayblues, but today I read the news like I always do and yes finally this baby elephant was born in the zoo of Antwerp, Belgium. Normally this is an SL blog but I could not resist sharing this very happy RL news with all you guys and maybe also cause I do am proud this happened in Belgium:-)) So this Monday I did not suffer from the Mondayblues;-) Enjoy this:-)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Not alone anymore...

When my man is not around in SL and that happens sometime I usually spend my time alone shopping, exploring or working on stuff. But guess that time is past since I met Lieke. She is a true friend, we laugh our asses off all the time but we also have serieus talks. Thx for being my friend Lieke, superhugs and kisses.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tango night..

Tango night at the SL Ice Hotel.. the tango is a very passionate dance, it got lots of feelings in it like.. anger, passion, sex, romance... So me and my husband did tango tonight and I tell you it was almost as good like an orgasm looool..(we get back to that later honey). I like to thank Joaquin for his great performance and ofcourse my two passionate friends Ewa and Jesper for organizing this event.
I'm a bit sad now cause my man is gone for the weekend (RL stuff), I always miss him so much but it will give me a chance to finish some stuff im working on.
Ewa, Jesper, guys thx for this night, superhugs:-)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tango night at the SL Ice Hotel!!!

May 14th at 1 pm Jaoquin Gustav will play his guitar at the SL Ice Hotel. He is a trained guitarist from Buenos Aires, Argentina. So put on your Tango shoes and dance the night away:-)

Take your limo here:

Monday, May 11, 2009

Highly recommended...

Shopping in SL is not always easy cause some shops are soooooooo big, but me and my husband have a solution.... get on your bike and ride like hell...! Shopping on bike, highly recommended ;-)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

OMG Pighunt again GRRRR

Iemie and Gixxx.. they just can't help themselves, they even dragged their friend Bash into the pighunt, but won't help, I will protect my pig with my life!!!!!!!

Simple Minds tribute was Super!!!!

YES!!! Again a great show on stage.. Thx Stil and bandmembers and thank you all for coming and party with me last night, see you all at the next gig;-)


Nervous... Oh yes, I had a show last night and my man is on a RL camping trip so I had to fix the lights on stage... but honey, I did it!!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Simple Minds tribute on Stage Lionheart!!!

Don't you forget about me..... Saturday May 9th at 12 pm slt or 21:00u CET I expect you all at the stage;-)


Playing with photoshop:-)

I'm still trying to figure out photoshop but I learn everyday, these are also on my flickr:-) eh btw, this is me lol..

This one is really photoshopped;-)
This one is pure SL environment, not bad hé;-)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Lord of the Rings

Oh my... actually we were looking for a dragon but somehow we ended up at The Lord of the Rings shop and my sweet man couldn't resist... if he can't get himself a dragon he will go through SLife as the nasty Nazgul.... but I thought an angel by his side might make him reconsider that decision... I really hope so cause I miss his beautiful face:-)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Endless Love

You, I will love you till I die... those are not just words, they come straight from my heart. This morning I had a car accident.. (I'm fine, my car is not so fine), but when my car was slipping and headed for the bumprails on the highway, 2 things went through my mind... First was: Hell I'm never gonna see my kids again... Second was: I will never meet him....
I'm ok now and home, but this got me thinking... Life can be gone in a second and people sometimes forget to tell their loved ones how much they love them, so tonight when my kids get home I will hug em and tell them how much I really love em... and you Jo, I tell you here and later in-world how much I love you.
Still shaky kiss from your Lio, always...

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Some random pics

I have loads of pictures in my photoalbum, so I was cleaning it and found these, just some random pics. While I was cleaning I was thinking about what to do with all these pictures, ok they are here on blog, some are in my photostudios in-world, but again I still have a lot so I decided it was time to put some on flickr too, so got myself an account this afternoon and already put some on there:-) Very curious now if people will comment on them;-)

always wanted to be a witch..
pretty in pink?

eh... the frog needed some company?

hmm... what the hell is he doing up there!!??

here I was just was the cat seems like..