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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Anti-Griefer song LOL!!

I was at a Raven Kondor show tonight and well griefers are everywhere but he fixt it with this song, I love it!!!! YEEEHAWWW!!
so bothered by griefers?? Play this one and they run like hell lol;-)

What is music to you?

My man is a musician in RL, he knows a lot about music. Tonight we were talking about music, what it means to us, what we like, what instruments we like, all kinds of stuff. He is a guitar man, I never heard him play but in my mind he sounds great, he got the passion for music.
I think many of us got a passion for music and many of us can't express it on a instrument so the people who can express there feeling on an instrument I truely admire and yes I am even jealous.
Music for me is something that has been a how to say 'lifeline', yes that is the word.. if I feel sad I need music, if I feel happy I need music, if I'm confused I need music. Music is something I totally need in my life RL and SL (why do you think I started a stage lol).
Anyhow, tonight me and my husband were talking music like hell and at some point we started to tell our favourate instruments. Of course his is guitar... and well to be honest guitar is my favourate too next to saxophone. But then I got on youtube;-).. I love the flute too:-)
So bloggers, tell me your favourate instrument and maybe put in a youtube video in it or record yourself playing your favourate instrument:-)
Did I just start a challenge?? Nah... just curious about what music does for people:-)


It's not all fun and play in SL;-) Watch me working... yes you see that right, I do work sometimes:-) The stage needs my attention too not only my man, sorry honey, love you:-)
OK here is what I need for the first show at Stage Lionheart:
4 female dancers to back up live artist Raven Kondor (more details about him will follow). The dancers do NOT need to be experienced because I work with a chimera or choreographer Katharina. The show lasts about one hour and the fee for the dancers is 200L$ each.
The show is on Stage Lionheart on January 9th at 2pm SLT.
So are you looking to have fun, you like to be on Stage once in your life:-), work with one of the best live artists in SL and even earn some Lindens.. Please contact me in-world:-)))
Stage Lionheart Rocks!!!!


Sunday, December 27, 2009

I had fun with this blogpost!!! check it out;-)

I was kind of bored so I started to read the SL blogposts, this one has some hilarious stuff in it. Sit back, get a glass of wine or whatever and have fun reading it;-)

I would call it 'Botworld' ;-)

If you got any suggestions let me know and I will send it to Torley Linden;-)

Saturday, December 26, 2009


Christmas in RL and SL:-)

I spent Christmas eve in RL at my moms place and it was really nice. Christmas day I spent in RL at home with my kids, I cooked us a nice dinner, we watched a movie.. And later I found some time to kiss my sweet man under the mistletoe and hug my best friends Iemie and Gixxxer in SL:-)
I was not really in the mood for the whole Christmas stuff but looking back I had a great time RL and SL. I love you my RL family and I love all my SL friends:-)
And I love you Jo, superkiss:-)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Relaxing after a day of Christmas shopping in RL pfff...


Hot Spot: Mao-Great wall of China

Yesterday we felt like exploring again so I looked at some hotspots and there are so many new ones like this one: Great Wall of China. Really a must see, very nice built and great to take pictures but...

BEWARE OF THE WHEREWOLF!!! He tried to bite me grrrr... so if you visit the Great Wall of China bring a silver bullet;-)

Have fun exploring this one:-)

Monday, December 21, 2009

34/365 (love is in the air)

I don't think that need any comment:-)))


I was reading Marnix's blog today and I found out he had some new works in his gallery. So after I had put my land for rent I went to visit his gallery, and I must say its really awesome work again. If you are interested you can take a look, have fun watching his art:-) and maybe buy some, I did;-)
Marnix's Gallery

LVD Land for rent!!!

This land is now covered with snow until about February:-)
LVD land for rent, 4096 sqm (56X73 meters), 981 prims at the price of 7240L$ a month. Beautiful grassy land with ocean view and nice waves and a little off sim island. Ideal for people who want to relax after a hard days work in SL or RL.
Interested? Check it out here and IM me in-world or use email: for any questions:-)

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Hollidays are coming, everybody happy, euphoric, planning Christmas dinners, shopping for presents... I might sound a bit harsh now... but I wish it was all over. Being a single mom with a fulltime job and a depression... no thx. Just let all that Christmas and New Year stuff pass really fast. I am so not in the mood for this, sorry...

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Oh my...ok I skipped a few days of the 365 but I was so sick in RL I could not even log on to SL pffff.. But I feel much better now, finally, so first thing I did this morning was log on cause I missed my man and SL so much. Unfortunately Jo was not on but I left him a message:-), next I did was go to see my horses, I missed them too... So good to be back!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


But I was able to take a nice picture of me and Jo on Mainland for day 30:-))

Why is mainland so ugly??

Ugly buildings..

Cars everywhere..


I am not a snob but I do am very happy I don't live on mainland after seeing all this last night;-)

SL Bloggers meeting..

I was not sure I could make it to the SL Bloggers meeting on Sunday, but I could. I was there very short so no chance to talk to anybody, only could take this picture and I had to go again. Well.. better luck next time:-)

Sunday, December 13, 2009


I was hungry, so what?

Saturday, December 12, 2009


A castle needs a queen right? (this is not my castle)

Friday, December 11, 2009


Ok, this is not a self portret but this is me... Jo built this castle about two and a half year ago, it all started with buying land, then planning. First he built me a small house but then I said one day I would like to have a castle... and he started to build and build and build. Then he went on a 3 week RL vacation. He told me: ok honey here is your castle, now you have to texture it. He left sl for 3 weeks and i started texturing like hell, lol. By the time he got back the castle was textured and furnished.
Last night I left SL early because I didn't feel so well, Jo said he would go off too, so we kissed and I went to bed. This morning I checked my email and there was an inventory offer from Jo. I'm always very curious when i get an inventory offer so I went online straight away and found a picture of my castle. Jo didn't go offline last night, nono he worked on the castle again because the only thing that was missing in this wintertime was snowy rooftops... and look now, my sweet husband worked hard last night and this is the result:-)))
After almost 3 years he still finds some way to surprise me:-) Thank you honey, my castle looks now perfect!!!
So no selfportret this time, but a portret of my home where I spend a lot of SL time with my sweet husband:-)

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Oops I think I skipped a day, is that bad?? Sion Chickens, I was dragged into that hype too, Marnix's fault;-), anyway they are gone now, dead and burried:-( but i'm not too sad, I think they have a better life in chicken heaven then they had with me;-)

Thank you Lollo String & Lollettes!!!

Thank you Lollo String for a great set, thank you Lollettes for being so charming, I like to thank everyone who was there and especially my friends Iemie and Gixxxer (they never miss a concert). This concert was a blast, I do love live artists so stay tuned... more to come:-)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Lollo String Live on Stage!!!

Lollo String has an amazing voice, sweet, gentle and deep at the same time.
He will entertain your SL moments with incredible performances; his voice can fluctuate through a huge variety of genres like rock, jazz, blues, folk and pop.
Sting, Sinatra, Springsteen, Buckley, Bono, Bublè, James Taylor, Paul McCartney, Elvis are just a few of the singers performed by Lollo in his SL. To be at a show of Lollo String means to be captured not only by the music, but also by a visual show of lights and particles.

He performs with backings or just with guitar, he also takes requests. Sometimes he composes the backings himself, rearranging rock songs in a swing way or vice versa: come experience his performance and you might hear Deep Purple's "Smoke on the water" in a swing way!

In SL since June 2008, Lollo String performed in some of the best venues in SL and he participated in the World Peace Day on September 21st 2009.
Come to listen, be delighted, and become addicted…

Main Websites: : sl myspace : personal website : rl band

Monsterpost: Inventory Explosion!!

OMG, this turned out totally wrong lol... I organized a little inventory party at Gixxxer and Iemie's place. The idea was to clean up our invent and have some fun doing it... we had lot's of FUN, but our invents are even more messed up then before, but we had a FUN time LOL..
(picture: Gixxxer and Iemie, omg... they don't look like this all the time;-))

Hmm... you look kind of angry honey, was it because there was no room for you on the crazy bench??:-)

Oh please stop singing you guys, grrrr..

owww doesn't Iemie and me look cute? I love my new hair, thx Iemie;-)

Okay, this freaks me out, what the hell are you doing in the little room with Iemie, have some explaining to do..

and at some point we just started a cake fight lol

wow, great MJ dance balls Gixxxer, btw you still have to tell me where you got them from;-)

totally freaking at the X-spot:-)))

ever been a banana?? You should try it... it gives you this happy yellow feeling:-)

and then Iemie took me for a ride.... but who is that big guy hanging behind us???

Iemie and Gixxxer again
Thanks guys for letting me use your sim, we had a great time!!! But my inventory is such a mess lol

Sunday, December 6, 2009


I read Chestnut Rau's post today and she is right... I complained too, bots, not rezzing, lag...stuff always, I'm not a fan of Linden either but we cannot forget they created this world where we spend a lot of hours in and we enjoy it no matter what... I guess I will still say the words: 'fuck', 'damn', 'i hate Linden', but on the other hand I am gratefull too because if it wasn't for Linden I would never have met my sweet husband, I would never had a castle, I would never had a stage with live artists, so as much as I hate them as much as I love them;-)

Saturday, December 5, 2009


Ok I'm fed up with my hair addiction, every time I go online I'm searching my invent for hair (what kind shall I wear today), I can never choose but I got the solution... BALD.. there that will be it from now on;-)
BTW talking about inventory, well I have organized a little inventory party at a friends place tomorrow night at 12pm slt at the X spot. We all get together and rezz our stupid stuff, exchange it or delete it, should be fun, everybody welcome:-)))