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Monday, May 26, 2008

Iron Maiden....Hell yeah!!!!!

Me is.....very very very very stupid sometimes. Iron Maiden at my Club Lionheart last Saterday and I forgot to take pics, pfffff...
I could slap myself in the face, well I and it did hurt:-)
But I desperately need a photographer to shoot great pics during my upcoming concerts, cause at the time of the concerts stuff is going on, IM'ing, welcoming people, renting out the advertising boards, trying to enjoy it myself loool
I mean i'm just a little girl and I cant do everything:-)
Anyway... I want to thank Marco and his guys for a great concert and GRRRRRR, next time don't invite me on the stage, cause I'm too shy, loooool
But more to come at Club Lionheart:-))))))

Friday, May 23, 2008

What was that? Women have no orientation feeling?

Honey? Who was LOST here? and wasn't your first time tell me honey, who was LOST???

Teasing honey;-)

There is a Dutch saying: plagen is om liefde vragen, try to translate that one, lool

Winter in Second Live

Lool, ok its almost summer but this winter my man and I explored some snowy places and really some are very nice.....but, but, to be honest... I'm afraid of hights.
So this little adventure got me the shivers but he was with me and held my hand to whole trip;-)
Love you, honey!!


In Second Life you can buy land, which my sweet husband and I did some time ago. We bought several places and all from one person, cause he is honest and fair and always ready to help out if we have a problem.
Some landlords deserve a thank you sometimes, so therefor, Thank you TQ:-)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Watching you Mr. Linden & Co.

Watching you Mr. Linden & Co.
You see this Mr. Linden started to create Second Life, and I thank him or them for that, but he forgot something.
He is dealing with real people, who have created, built...actually he is the big server but all in Second Life is created by the Second Life residents, the places, the dances, the scripts, the builts, the art, the live bands, the fun...
What does Mr. Linden stand for??
For me he is hell on my virtual world, he shuts down when he likes too...without any warning..
So Mr. Linden and Co., thx for the Second Life but I'm watching you...
SL revolution is near...;-)

And then there was no windlight but....

No windlight, stupid, graphics didn't work, so I got the blues and went for a drink at a distillery....

Saturday, May 17, 2008

And then there was....Windlight

Windlight...never saw it, never experienced it, only saw the pics my sweet husband passed to me.
But this is a milestone for me.... tonight I will get my brandnew Graphics Card, thx to my dear friend Gixx:-), superbig hug to you!!!
So I'm very curious how my Second Life will look like now:-)
Just hope the card won't blow up my PC pffffff.....

Got a question...

Eh...Miss Piggy? Does Kermit know about this??

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the sexiest of them all?

He is soooooo HOT!!!!!!

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the ............ of them all?

Oops.....forgot the word...
Fill in pls:-)

Friday, May 16, 2008

Far away.....again....

But then..... I wanted to contact some friends, to experience what we just did... but the radio was dead, pffffff
Still...I will go back....

Far away......

Sometimes in Second Life you come across something and your heart stops beating, you stop breathing..... that is what happened to me and my man when we ended up here...
Yes, it was far away and we were far away....
Cant say anything more...


You know these band guys...they are hot!!!
But also very macho (in a good way) and very proud of what they do. Me, I'm new to this, so I go web, I go search, I go youtube to find the band I want:-)
So I found Metallica, talked to the bandleader and its a done deal, but this blog is called Lionheart Adventures lool
The night before the performance I almost created a band war because there is a friend of mine in Second Life who told me another guy created Metallica, not the one I choose....what the f.......k do I know loool.
So I pulled out all my diplomatic skills.....and stopped the fight:-) Metallica performed and they were great, but from now on I'll be more carefull with choosing my guys ;-)
Sorry Marco:-) But I will see you again with the for me most rocking band of all time Iron Maiden!!!
We will have a blast soon;-)

Gun's n Roses

Yehhhhh, you guys roooooock!!!!!
Thx guys for a hardrock night:-))))

Done this, done that

Second Life is also a place where you create the things you dream off, the things you want but can't have in real life. So I created some stuff, I started with fountains:-)), my first was pretty good, but I'm kind of how to say?....restless, so I try other was a kitchen, then a kitchen with opening doors...which I sold btw:-))
Second Life is also business, though I started that too, I bought some land and started a rental business called LVD Rentals, going pretty well I must say, but still I'm restless....guess that is the Lion spirit which is in me;-)
Second Life is also music, music to me is everything, when I'm happy I need music, when I'm sad I need music....I just can't do without it.
So we built a Club (Club Lionheart), a yacht with all in it what people need to be happy...but still restless, so my sweet husband built me a stage...(love him for being so patient with me)
Finally I found what I wanna do in Second Life....get Live Bands on my stage and make people happy and enjoy!!! Since than there was Gun's and Roses, Metallica and guess what? People love them, my little festival ground was full with people getting crazy on this music:-)
So this crazy Lion has finally found her thing.....Club Lionheart is no more, from now on its Stage Lionheart and it wil ROOOOOOOOOOOOCKKKK like hell:-))))

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Burning passionate Love

You...always....until eternity.... I love you!!


Line dancing on Easter, well it's something different especially with a bunny on your head and a carrot in your hand;-)


I love halloween and love how the way people dress up, like these two....not sure if it was a wolf or a bear, but they were very nice:-)


:-))) Enough violence now, let's get back to the fun fun?? Remember this one Jesper? You scared the hell out of me, lool


Wanted to go for a coffee in Barcelona with Gixx, my best friend SL and RL, have a chat...But nooooo, some kind of weirdo started to shoot around...
I stood up and tried to have a talk with this guy....I mean be serious, shooting on the plaza in Barcelona is sick.
Finally two officers came and told him to leave.
Look if people wanna fight, kill, shoot.....fine, but maybe try a Sim that is made for it and not the beautiful, peaceful Plaza at Barcelona.


Some serious stuff now....Sad enough there is also violence in Second Live. Some cities have balls to sit (and like I said, I like to try that stuff), for example Brooklyn...I took this pic cause its real horror to me. Jo told me to get up at once, which I did..., he couldn't stand the sight of it either..
But everyone is free to experience their Second Life their own way...
For me thx...RP can be fun, never did it so far and if I should do it I probably will get myself into a very big castle, where there is a party every night...

Bad Jo!!!

Honey, next time we visit Chichen Itza in Mexico you walk up the stairs first or at least tell me too wear pants instead of a skirt!!! Bad husband....

Stuck in the firefightertruck

OMG!!! That is what happens if you enter a firefightertruck in New York City...not the first time stuff like this happens to me, because I always want to sit, stand, crowl in out on things...your own stupid fault Lio...

Dinner in Egypt

Yeps, also possible in Second Life, having dinner in Egypt. But eh.....I had some problems with my utensils, it got so much on my nervs I just started to eat with my hands. Good thing the restaurant wasn't crowded:-))


Jesper and Butterfly have a gallery called The White Room, they organize photocontests. This time the theme was Spring, so I took my chances and sent in this Pic. 'Jo and me in the tent'. A very down to earth pic;-) I know but one that means a lot too me. Falling asleep with Jo next to me in the tent is heaven on earth!
They had 3 jury members and I was very surprised that one jury ranked this pic first. Ok I didn't win the contest but it's a lot of fun to be a part of it.
Looking forward to the next one, I'll definitely will send in again (hopefully I have my new graphics by then, so I can finally see myself what all this windlights stuff is about)
Jesper and Butterfly, thx for creating this wonderful gallery, I should visit it more but as you both know, we also are both very busy people:-)
Hugs too you both..

Sunday, May 4, 2008


That night we didn't want to be recognized, we explored incognito in James Bond style....
with helicopter.....
Yes....the sky is the limit in Second Life, looool

Multiple personalities 4

This is the way I feel most of the time in Second Live....a queen. Wanna know the reason?
He makes me feel like a queen every day....I love you my King:-)

Multiple personalities 3

Vampires....I love em and I hate dark side...don't bump into me when I feel like this;-)

Multiple personalities 2

An elph yeahhh.........just....can somebody please tell me where to find the elven ear shop...grrrr...

Multiple personalities 1

I got a lot LOL......but no problem in Second Life, no need for a psych.....just let them out in the Virtual world;-)
Aww....police officer?? OK maybe for a couple of hours...!

Don't know who she was....but she had fun...I'll say! omg:-)))


Nah, can't be.....but it was....yes he is, ALIVE and KICKING!!!!!


STOP!! Pause!!!!
Yes, away from it all....sometimes needed in Second Life aswell as in Real Life;-)

Home sweet home

I told you about how a great builder my man is...take a look at this, our home!
This is the place we talk, laugh, cry, and....nonono, that is all you need to know:-)

Basic needs

Us Second Life residents also need the basic stuff:-)

Friday, May 2, 2008

Risky business

Catching a bus in London is risky business, cause the bus doesn' t stop, you have to get on and off while its still driving, pfffff.... but again a lot of fun with it:-)

Talking about horses

I did ride a long time ago in real life, but I fell off and got too scared to ride again. In Second Life I own three horses and a unicorn.
I can fall off as much as I want, it don't hurt:-))

Talking horses!?

Anything is possible in Second Life, even having a chat with a horse:-)


What I like to do in Second Life is exploring, there are so many places to see, so many things to do, so many people to meet....
So on one of my exploring days I bumpt into this lovely bride, she was holding a kalashnikov and was trying to shoot her brandnew husband (he must have been very very naughty), :-)
Talking about bridezillas, OMG!!!!


We said yes to each other under the stars, he gave me a ring, we kissed at my castle...It was the most romantic wedding I could ever imagine:-)
Love you honey! Kiss!

Best friends getting stoned and drunk

Let me introduce you to my best ladyfriend in Second Life. She is a very nice, caring woman, we had our laughs, our cries, our talks and we are great in shopping:-)
But this particular day we felt like doing nothing, just sit on the beach with a glass of wine and a very big joint, lol
My man gave us that joint and we got stoned and drunk like hell but we had a lot of fun:-)))

Best friends wedding

Yes, people do get married in Second Life and I was very honored to be one of the bridesmaids, thanks again Jesper and Butterfly for having me there:-)
Tell you a litte secret, they love each other so much, they decided to renew their vows soon, so more to come...


Yes, even in Second Life friends are very important, I will introduce some of my best ones:-)
He is my best friend in Second Live but also my dearest friend in Real Life.
Btw, this was taken at the foot of the Eiffel Tower in Paris;-)


And then I met him, fell in love at first sight:-), and I knew at that point I didn't have to take this journey on my own.
He is a great guy and a great builder in Second Life, you will see some of his creations during this amazing tour.

My early days in Second Life

Me at a bar, I think it was my 3rd or 4rh day in Second Life. The place was called 'Flares', don't even know if it still exist, must check this out one day:-)

About me

Hi, I created this blog to share my adventures in Second Live, yes....I'm an addict:-)
I'm walking around in this virtual world for over a year now, so it's time to let others know how nice this world can be and how 'real' it can be:-)
I have created a whole new world for myself, I have a home there, a husband:-), animals, a club, a stage where artists perform and....not to forget, a bunch of very good friends.
So this is me, an SL addict but still with a nice Real Live too.
I will try to post as much as I can, my adventures in Second Life like I said...and don't hesitate to give your comments:-)