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Thursday, July 30, 2009

RL Birthday in SL:-)

I have an incredible husband in SL, today is my RL birthday but last night my sweet man surprised me like hell:-)) First he took me to 1920s Berlin to watch a Looney Cartoon movie, lol

After the movie he decided I need 1920s hair and clothes, so he took me to the local hairdresser in Berlin and a nice dress shop, love you..

So this is how we look in the 1920s, nice isn't it:-))

After our Berlin adventure he decided I need some romance, so he took me to this beautiful cathedral in Paris...

And you never guess this.. while we were in the cathedral a ahum... master/slave couple wanted to get married there, they had a naked priest but no witnesses, so they asked us to be witnesses at their wedding... and we witnessed, I can tell you a master/slave wedding is kinda different;-)

then the clock said midnight... he took me home to our rose garden and what do i see, the most beautiful birthday cake I have ever seen, and it tasted so good.
Thank you honey for the best birthday since a couple of years, I love you with all my heart and soul, supermegakiss:-)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


The carriage you see here is also at Arion Horses but built by Erich Merlin, if you are into horses and want the best tp there, these guys are awesome with this;-) and I know cause im into horses for more then two years and and I look always for the best:-)

Again a horse..

Pff cant help it, but saw these horses at Arion Horses, and they are super.. they got great anims, it really feels like you are on a real horse. The creator is really a very smart and creative guy, I got my skies from him in winter time, he does great stuff, Didi wunderle is great:-) thx Didi for your creativity:-)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Still in love...

Still madly in love with you after all this time.. No one (RL or SL) has ever touched my heart this way like you did and still do.. I will stay in love with you forever..

Friday, July 24, 2009

I wonder what he is thinking...

Going online the other day and there he was on one of our islands, isn't he cute?? But I wonder what he is thinking. Thinking about me maybe, how much he loves or maybe of how he can beat me in combat, lol.


Getting ready for combat!!!

Gotcha honey!!!! But ok, I release you cause I love you:-)

Pfff... what a fight, time to rest and later.... nah, I won't tell it here;-)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Just to give you men an example of another butt;-)

So do I need a bigger butt??? Be honest, I can take it, LOL

Not Tastefull... BB (Big Butt)

Was a bit exploring last night and something got my attention, there are sooooooo many big asses in SL, is this supposed to be? Am I out of the ordinary??? Do these women think men love big butts?? I don't know so I got a question for all the men in SL...Guys, what you like most? A beautiful, within proportion shaped tastefull butt or just a plain fat ass?? LOL

Saturday, July 18, 2009


I'm a sucker for poses, I just love poses, but searching them in-world takes a lot of time, and not all are cheap either. So I found this tool, actually my husband did, on the net, it's free to download.
So I downloaded the qavimator, watched some tutorials and got started. It's very easy to use and I already did some poses, but not perfect yet as you can see, but I'm getting there:-)
The whether is bad outside, the kids are gone, guess I'm gonna work on some poses and maybe later some animation, oh yes you can also create animations with this lovely tool:-))

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Advice needed!

I need advice on an important thing. I own two parcels of land on one sim. One is where my stage is, the other across the street is where my shelter is. I was told the sim will be rated 'adult' as of end of August.
Means newcomers will not be able to enter my stage or my shelter. The shelter is especially made for newcomers with free stuff, the stage is made for everyone.
I have two options: I can move all of that stuff to another sim (my landlord offered me two parcels on the other sim), but moving all of this is a lot of work and the stage just opened again. The other problem is people have landmarked the place and they know it, stage and shelter.
My other option is to leave all like it is but I will likely loose people that come there regularly and I don't really want that. Same with maybe bands or live artists who are not age verified. And what about all the newcomers who come to my shelter to get freebee things? They will for sure be lost.
So I have a problem and I would like some advice on this matter, thx:-)

Weapons?! Combat?! RP?! Me???

Jo wanted a crossbow for a long time but never found what he was looking for until some days ago. He showed me his bow and ok you can guess, I wanted one too so we went to this weapon shop (great shop btw if you are into bows, daggers, speers, swords but no guns). O man, lots of bows there, but I wanted a long bow, not a crossbow, so I got me the Legolas Longbow. I never was into weapons, but these are so much fun, last night we practiced on each other, LOL
Jo got me killed like a thousand times, pff he was too fast for me, but I will get him!!!
So I guess we will discover a new dimension of SL soon, COMBAT!!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

This is us, lol

Khaotic and cute as hell, that is who we are, hehe...

Boys will be boys;-)

Boys and cars, that is a given that will never change, LOL... My sweet man had a lot of fun with this car:-))) I just stood there and looked him turning into a happy little boy again, lol

The blue dragon!!

We were shopping some days ago... and we ran into this amazing blue dragon, it was not a statue, nono, it was an ava. I found dragons very magical, I would love to have an ava like this but pfffff, I'm just too scared to touch myself GRRR...


Summer opening of the stage was a blast, Prince/Lenny Kravitz tribute was awesome. But I had concerts before, many, and this was the first time I had to deal with so much lag at the beginning of the show: chat slow, people who can't move.... I had to call in an estate manager to see what causes all this lag, and now I know.
I know people like to wear a lot of stuff, but that is not so good for a concert, too many scripts cause lag.. So I asked to unwear us much as they could and thank god they did, thx for that:-)))
Stillian and band thx again for a great show. Friends, residents thank you all for coming!!!
Keep track of blog and notices for next gig!!!;-)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Lionheart stage opens the curtains!!!! Yeeehawww!!

Club Lionheart Stage opens the curtains for a full season of great Live artists and Tribute Bands.
Opening with Prince/Lenny Kravitz tribute show!!!
One Stage, One Show, Two great artists!!
Date: Saturday, July 11th
Starting Time: 1pm SLT (22.00 CET)
Don't miss it!!!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Surprise!!!! That is what my husband said when I logged on yesterday afternoon, he told me to close my eyes, not say anything, he would IM me if I could open my eyes again.. This is what he did at our place, we live on grassy land, very very nice place but I always kinda dreamed about my own beach island.. Well, here it is, he got it for me.. Honey you are the best, love you big time!!!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

What a night, pffff

Pffff.. If my sis and I go party in SL, we do party. When I went to bed last night it was already morning pff... now I'm doing blog with a major hangover o man... got nothing to say really, I don't even remember everything LOL, o man...

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Beautiful article!!

I was reading blogs first last night like I always do, especially the one of my best friend Jesper. He found this article titled Second Life is not a playstation. I surfed to slFix immediately and read it. Well I guess lot's of new or old residents will understand what the article is about, btw thx Shauna Skye for this great article:-)

Too hot and too little time!!!

Not sure how the wheather is in the rest of the world, but Belgium is HOT!!! We all are melting in our cars in traffic trying to get home, pfffff.. Anyway I haven't been blogging for a couple of days due to time shortage GRRRR. Yes, I'm working RL and SL like hell. In RL I have a deadline and I'm soooo not sure if I can make it.
SL I feel like I have a million things to do atm: I have to texture our little danceplace, I must get the stage open so I was Iming Life artists like hell last night, btw got lot's of response so I must get my agenda and try to squeez all the artists in there LOL. That is not an easy job since we all are in different countries, so that take's a lot of my SL time. Above all my husband introduced me to a new program to make poses and anims, asking me to make him poses for his new sailboat he is building, meaning I'm spending time to figure out that new program, but I love it:-))
So while multitasking last night my renter Swa invited me to his housewarming party OMG. But had to go there for a while, so I did and was really a blast, the DJ was great, he played some of my fav MJ tunes:-)))
So before I knew it was bedtime and Jo and me saw each other for about donno 15 minutes? OMG sorry honey but I really got a lot to do here.
Oh and doing all of this another invite for a BBQ from Jesper, I'm sorry my friend I couldn't make it but there is only one of me around;-)