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Monday, May 17, 2010

Bad Mood!!!!

Hmm, I'm not really in a bad mood now but Jo is. We don't have much luck these past days GRRRR...We work a lot in RL, so not much time to be on SL. Yesterday my internet connection broke, it took the internet guys 4 hours to fix it, so no SL for me yesterday. Today I was happy to log on cause all worked great but my Jo was in a bad mood pfff... his new monster machine crashed like hell today... so he logged off to fix it. No SL for me today either pffff.... please guys, send us some good luck ok:-) thx...

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Practice Arena!!

My man is a treasure, really. Told in previous post about the Greeks and Turks war and the fact I need to practice my fighting skills. Well when I logged on last night Jo built me a practice arena LOL. Okay, so I guess tonight will be my first practice in ancient warfare, OMG!!! Wish me luck all;-)

O O War!!!

We are not aggressive people Jo and me, not at all but a couple of days ago we were on a Greek RP sim, kind of by accident. Jo decided he wanted to do some island hopping so we ended up in the RP sim. First we saw on map there was a lot of traffic so we followed the green dots and guess what, there was a fighting tournament going on, we sat there and watched them fight. We had a lot of fun cause the place was so laggy most fighters were cutting air instead of there opponent LOL.
Anyway the next day we went back there and O O there was a war going on in the desert between the Turks and Greeks (i think lol), that was really exciting to see and nooooo laggg. As you know Jo and me have weapons too but we did not get into the fight cause well Jo is good with his daggers but as for me, I'm a total disaster so I need practice first. But one day I will beat all!!!!;-)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fire dragon;-)

Well, I did it.... yes it's me lol.. and i love it!!!!

To be a dragon or not to be a dragon...

Where was I? Well in RL a lot but also searching SL for the perfect dragon ava. About a year ago I told my Jo I wanted a dragon ava, we searched but could not find a good one, and also I was too chicken to change my ava LOL.
Anyhow, I have put my human ava in 1 folder and just bought this adult dragon at Aggro... Omg a lot to read, a lot to play around with. The dragons come with a complete HUD, they can totally be customized with the HUD, they have facial expressions, they have ehm... fire lol... they have a lot, well I have a few days off in RL:-)) So, in a few days (I read the manuals very slow), I will introduce you to Lio The Dragon:-)))

SL get ready for this one;-)
ehmm... you too honey lol