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Monday, June 30, 2008

Bad cat!!!!

I felt so sorry for the little mouse, but guess even in Second Life nature goes its own way;-)

Ancient darts???

Ok, seems like I can't play darts, the little arrows flew everywhere but not where they should be GRRR

At his feet....

I think he liked this, so did I but only for 10 seconds;-)
But I do love you honey!
Kiss from your queen:-)

Say a little prayer

Past weekend was... let's say fruitfull, exciting, overwhelming, funny...just a perfect weekend and I think who had a hand in that;-)
Saying a little prayer every once in a while doesn't hurt anyone :-)))

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Photoshop GRRRRR....

Jo always tells me photoshop is great and I do believe him, but oh God I hate it loool...
So he gave me a gift once, this picture of me done with photoshop by him... and I loved it:-)
Being a lion and not want to give in, I did a picture of him in photoshop and put it down at the other side of the fireplace at our castle, must say I was a bit proud of myself I did it, roaaarrrr...
And Pep (my cat) likes it so much she never leaves us out of her sight ;-)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Club Lionheart did it again!

Yesterday night Black Sabbath tribute on my stage!!! The place was crowded again:-)
Thx Marco and band members for a great show! Hell Yeah!!
And my Jo loved his surprise:-)

Saturday, June 21, 2008


This is my wolf called Wolf:-)
Protector of our land, and yes he is dangerous and attacks on command;-)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

True friends!

Thank you so much for all your peptalk Jesper, I won't ever forget this:-)
Tell your wife she is about to be married again to a wonderful man, but guess she knows:-)

Monday, June 9, 2008

I have a suggestion for you all SLresidents;-)

Here is the statue of Liberty in US, what does it stand for??? Think we all know...
So my suggestion to all the fantastic builders in Second Life, build a Second Life Statue of Liberty, show it to Mr. Linden & Co.....maybe then we will get them of our backs looool
If he/them understand the meaning of it!!!

The Lion is BACK!!!!


Never met these three but they are out there in the virtual world... was a bit down, wasn't on Second Live, maybe a bit fed up..
But today I feel better, and found this pic in my collection loool.
Indians are very spiritual people, I feel kind of close to them, don't ask me why.. I just do;-)
Really must visit the Navajo reservation soon:-)

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Missing you......

I miss you....

KISS tribute band

Thanks you guys for a great show and thanks to the people who were there and thanks for tipping the pink pig;-)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Saving money???Me??I can try...loool

There are lots of ways to earn money in Second Life, you can sit on your butt a whole day and earn like let's say 40 lindendollars looool, I did in the beginning but was a little frustrating and my butt didn't like it, loool.
You can be a stripper or escort, hmm nah thx...I'm not that girl.
You can build stuff and sell it, did that and sold loool, but than I got bored with building.
And you can buy your Lindendollars, which I did, much easier:-))) and I bought land with it, which I rent out, going good:-)
Then I wanted this stage to get bands on, ok, my man built me one (he is so sweet). So there was the stage, but hiring bands cost money, ok no problem because I want people to have fun here and that is my goal in this virtual world, giving people the chance to freak out at a good concert.
But money runs out I needed something to put my money in so I wouldn't spend it so fast loool
So I got this very cute savingmoneypig my man built for me, actually it's a tipjar at my stage. If people come there to enjoy a concert they can tip this lovely sweet pink pig, no must at all. I was against it in the beginning because I dont do this for money.
But bands cost loool and be is a very cute pig loooool

Mushrooms and capricorns!

Hahahahah, yeh....Second Life is a great place. I really felt like one of the little people under this giant mushroom and next to my tall husband:-)))

Looking out the window....and....

Me and my Jo talk a lot, guess it's an understatement loool...but we do, about lots of things and at lots of places.
But here we did at our castle while looking out the castlewindow, the castle he built for me:-)
Gossip about the neighbours;-), talk about life, talk about our plans, talk talk talk....
So this is one part you see of this great castle, there are more rooms we talk and things:-)
I'm gonna take some pics in future, cause he is a great builder and for me, well I'm a great texturer and decorater...ok say it for myself but its true:-))
I'm proud of him and me, proud of the things we created here... and we keep on going, yeh!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Sometimes you come across people by accident... did tonight.. met a dreamer, asked if it was ok to take his pic, he said yes...
Troubled minds come together sometimes..RL SL, we all are mixing it good, is it bad??
Who will tell us? but ourselves....
Nice to meet you Dreamer:-)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Yeah... next Friday KISS on my stage, guess this is it, my dark side....
Love these guys, always did so my dream comes true loooool, see Second Life is about letting dreams come true:-)
Check the youtube video, you will know what I mean about my dark side;-)
Maybe a bit twisted minded but hey aren't we all, loool

KISSS you all!!!!!;-)

Sunday, June 1, 2008


Saying goodbye is always hard, especially when you have to say goodbye to someone you love. I'm in let's say a rather sad mood because tonight I have to say goodbye again to someone I love.... but not for long I hope, worst case for a month....and I will miss you like hell honey, but I'll be here when you come back, just like I was last year:-) Love you a lot:-)

The a mistery

It is....the world is a mistery, the real world and the virtual world. I guess by now I see them as one, they are both part of who I am.
I met people in real life, nice people, kind people, also very bad people...Same happened in my virtual world, met kind people, nice people and yes bad people..
But once in a lifetime you meet someone, that one person who goes straight to your heart, that one person you believe in, that one person you trust a 100%, that one person who understands you, that one person you would give your life for, that one person you maybe were looking for your whole life.....
The world is a mistery....