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Monday, March 29, 2010

Hotspot: Happy Mood:-)

'Happy Mood' does really bring you into a happy mood. It's a very cute little place with birds singing and bunnies hopping around and of course some poseballs:-))

But chasing bunnies and trying to catch some birds made me feel very sleepy... I spotted this tree with a poseball and took a nap:-))
Btw, the poseball is so funny, it does actually let you fall asleep like when you sit behind your screen and your head bows and then something wakes you up again, its so funny I bought myself one (yes they are for sale for 100L and copy) for our place:-)

Resident Evil!!

I heard 'Resident Evil' is an online game and also a movie... I have never played a combat game but last night I found out there is a 'Resident Evil' in SL too. So Jo got his crossbow and I bought myself a machine gun. But before we went there for killing some zombies we had to test our weapons...

OMG HONEY! you shot our bar??!!! OMG now its on fire GRRRR... what did that thing ever do to you?? lol

Okay, I'm so totally ready for this, c'mon you freaking zombies, approach if you dare..

Ehm, maybe I'm not so ready, they like killed me 10 times in a row GRRRR, and Jo was only killed once by a stupid freaking Rottweiler...
Guess I need some practice because it was really fun playing this;-)
(we both need to get out our aggression so what's better then playing a combat game, lol)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

First Love!

I have changed a lot in my SL over the past months, sold all my land, left the stage, bought a homestead... we worked on it and its almost finished. Jo will begin building yachts again, so he will be busy in SL so I was thinking today a lot about my SL. The past few months it was all about getting our sim how we wanted it to be but that is almost finished... so what will I do after?
I'm not a builder, never was and never will be, I did a kitchen once and to my surprise sold it but it was a pain from the beginning. The SL building is just not in me, so I was thinking.. while my hubby is working what shall I do in sl?
And it struck me... my first love, photography... I had a gallery once (not a big success lol), but it was fun doing it:-)
I love exploring the grid, I love taking pictures, I love blogging, I love photoshop (sometimes), so the decision is made:-)
I go back to my first love... photography and if I get really really really good at it I might open my gallery again. So wish me luck;-)

Follow up on .... the duck race OMG

Ok this is the thing... I'm married to a very competitive man GRRR... tonight he wanted to go back duck racing OMG (think I will throw a yellow duck at Alicia's head some day lol). We raced against each other (see the aggression on our faces at the start), but he won...again, GRRRR..
He was fast but not as fast as Gospel Voom Yessss....hmm, got an idea.
Alicia and fellow bloggers organize bloggers meetings at regular basis, why not meet at duck race and race against each other, the winner gets to throw a duck at Alicia and after that party at my place;-)


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Thank you Alicia!! ROFL

Ok this is awesome... you all need to try this duck racing track... its exciting, hilarious, crazy and so much fun. I did it with my hubby today, ofcourse he won but I need a revenge lol.. thank you Alicia for posting the SLurl:-)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Technical support is needed urgently!!!!

Ok all, this is not a joke, this is very serious... Jo bought a new monster machine, window 7 64 bit professional, sl viewer 1.23.5, graphic card: nvidia gtx 280m.. he got a monster machine, thing is... if he connects his external screen this is the result (see pictures), my question to my fellow bloggers is... HELP!!! LOL
(if he is on notebook screen all is good, if he switches external screen I see him like this). I want my man back:-)

Saturday night dinner:-)

Last night our friends Jesper and Ewa invited us to dinner at their place. At first we had some problems with our utensils, plates, glasses LOL... but in the end we had some good laughs, good chat and not to forget very good food. You are a great cook Ewa:-) Next time barbeque at our place. Thx guys for the invite:-)))

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hotspot: Minute Papillion

Yesterday Jo got his new notebook so we can finally go exploring again (for him it was awful to explore the past months, nothing loaded), but now we can again YES!!!!
So I found this place in showcase 'Minute Papillion', it is really nice to wander through the sim. I felt a bit like a 1960's farmgirl. There are some pose balls, not so much, but its a great sim for taking nice pictures. Enjoy!

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Ok, this really pisses me off big time. I read some blogs today and found out there was a happening in SL, namely Clothing Fair 2010. Since I do need some new summer dresses I thought what better place to go then a clothing fair. I took the SLurl and tp'ed over. All f**cking hell broke loose when I got there. HELL like in LAG!!! I stood there with many others for like 15 minutes and still nothing was loading PFFFF...
After those 15 minutes I just went home empty handed, guess I will just go to my favourate shops for my summer dresses. But I am really pissed off now, sorry...

Friday, March 12, 2010

A day in a cat's SL;-)

Hmm, yummy, I love milk

oh, my boss got me a fish, hmm I wanna play a bit with it first..

O o o the fish wants to come out again...

oh.. grmm.. this needs some work...

phew.... there it is... but.. it stinks a lot... must ask my boss to clean my toilet ...

So so so tired now of all this work, must take a nap...Meow!!

(I'm seriously considering becoming a cat in SL, lol)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Yammies and male libido, pff...

After the Lollo concert we went straight to bed, Jo wanted to....READ!!! OMG, could it have been my Sponge Bob yammies???
Maybe I need to shop for some sexy stuff if I want anything done;-)

Dancing at Lollo String concert:-)

Lollo String is really a great singer, he performed on my stage two times. Last night he had another concert and I just could not resist so I dragged my man with me for some dances. I love to dance with you honey and thanks for letting me drag you, lol.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Magical wall!

I knew this would happen. I guess you all remember we had a castle once, it was a big one and lots of spots to sit on. But we always sat on one special wall to chat, discuss, share thoughts and ideas.
We have our sim now for some time and as you have noticed it is a tropical sim, so a castle wall doesn't really fit the place, but last night Jo couldn't control himself anymore and he rezzed the magical wall at our beach OMG!!! I must confess though... I missed that wall too:-)))

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Who needs horses when...

you got a dog to ride... don't think the horses are too happy about this:-/

Friday, March 5, 2010

Am I getting famous now!!??

I had a comment on my previous post asking me if I would be interested in an interview about my blog OMG.
I knew I was popular but THAT popular? lol
Anyway if you are interested in what I had to say about my blog you can read it here:


Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Yeh, I can honestly say that I'm happy now in both worlds. I had some bad times not so long ago, depression stuff pff. I got some professional help and I made some changes in my RL life, one of the major things I changes was my job. I'm a single mom with two teenagers (girls) and a fulltime job... I guess, no I know at some point it was too much. So a month ago I made the decision to work less in RL, meaning 4 days a week instead of 5. Yes I loose money, but I did ask myself the question: 'What makes me happy? Money? Or spend more time with my kids and my house and my cats and my garden?' The decision was made pretty fast:-)
I also made some changes in my SL life (but guess you all have noticed that). No stage, no rentals (it was all too much too). So I asked myself the same question about my SL. Make money or just be happy. That decision was made pretty fast too:-)
I feel now very relaxed and happy in both worlds, finally:-)

Long live the Noob in me LOL

Pfff you should think when you are in SL for over 3 years you should know you must not wear a box, well this is Lio wearing a box, WTF!!! Jo had fun with it GRRRR...

Cleaning up inventory can reveal some surprises:-))

I finally did it, cleaning up my inventory. I had over 11000 items in that thing, although not so much as the guy who told on sl forum he had over 60000 items OMG. Anyway, while I was cleaning it I found my little puppy:-))) That little Irish setter was the first doggie I ever bought at Zooby's. Welcome back Puppy:-))

I made my decision!

I bet you all think...hmm this sounds serious... Well it is, I had to sleep 2 nights over it to finally decide what I want, the surfboard or the jetski, LOL. And here it is, my brand new jetski, its fast, its great, its super and I can set it to group or to anyone, eat your heart out honey!!!!;-)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010