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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

LVD Photography still is alive:-)

Oh yes it's still there, and im working as much as I can on my studios, I have loads of pictures in my invent... of course I can't put em all down at the studios but the best will be. There is two studios: one for colored pictures and one for black/white... some are photoshopped, some are not, but I' m proud to say I have some real good ones there.
And if I can find some little space in my hectic sl life I will do an official opening of the studios soon. But for now feel free to check it out here:

Introducing: The Little Lionheart Stage

I organize concerts for quit some time now, mostly big tribute bands and they fit the main stage my husband has built (second pic), but we thought, since I'm now also booking RL Live artists it would not be a bad idea to build a little stage on the festival grounds too. Most RL artists who perform in SL are alone... Raven Kondor was too but I hooked him up with some dancers to fill the main stage. Anyways we had this idea but... my man said: 'You build it, not me!'.. OK..pff, my head exploded thinking of how I can build a stage but somehow it worked out, guess I got stage building in my fingers. It is not finished yet.. I still need some lights and stuff but I think its looking good so far since it is my first stage, LOL:-)


I am a sucker for gadgets pfff... in RL and SL, I just love gadgets and last night we visited a place called Utopia, there was a fountain with a ball you could sit and read a newspaper (grr didn't get a pic), but my husband got bored cause I was reading the paper lol and he pulled out his mobile phone from his inventory...O O O I had to get one too, so I bought myself also a new Telus Nokia LOL
Don't we look cool??? ;-)


Laguna Beach, a very famous place in SL... You hate it or you love it. Me I'm kind off amused by it. I went there last night... just out of curiousity, was a long time I had been there. But nothing has changed... LOL, you still see..

the ofcourse nude macho, standing in full glory on the beach searching for a victim ...
my guess this guy didn' t get layed last night... maybe better if he had taken a shower first before he tried to seduce a girl....
and not to forget the newcoming girl with a bad hair day;-)
So as you can see I am very amused by this place LOOOOOL

Monday, April 27, 2009

Second Life is dying??!!

As every good citizen I read my newspaper everyday, today I found an article in one of the best newspapers in Belgium concerning Second Life. I found the article a bit disturbing and also quit one sighted. I won't copy it into my blog because I'm not sure about copyrights, and I don't like to get in trouble over this:-). But I just want to share this with you, so I will try to translate some quots (its in dutch lol), and put my comment after it.

The writer of this article went back to Second Life after 2 years and these are his comments:

'If you walk around in Second Life it seems like all residents have died of some strange disease, everywhere I went all was dead and abandoned, it looked like very much deserted'
[ok, well maybe you tped wrong, if I go on Second Life and TP, there is always somebody around and the places look far from abandoned or deserted, tell me your name and I will give you some tips maybe;-)]

'All the big multinationals like R....., N....., A.... and even some big Belgian corporations have closed their doors in SL'
[Sorry I wont use the names of the big know why, but be real, I am here for more then 2 years and I can tell you I have been around in this virtual world. As far as I am concerned all the nice buildings, the fabulous lands, the veneus, the charity events, the fashion etc... are not built by the big multinationals who have now closed down but by the individuals who still believe in this world and who will not close their doors, it's built by people who have fun, who have a second life and who care and believe in it and more important who are not after the big money]

'The only places that are crowded are the sex places'
[Well, excuse me dude, ofcourse sex is always an attraction in Second Life aswell as in Real Life, again I tell you you need some TP advice here;-)]

'The things who appeal the hardcore Second Life residents are for most 'normal' people boring or scary'
[If people find things in Second Life boring or scary they must have done something wrong or maybe they were not interested in learning new things in Second Life like building, exploring, scripting, organizing events and so on... I am here like I said more than 2 years every evening and weekends and not one second I have been bored... Scary maybe if you meet a dragon or if some stupids try to jump you, but never ever I have been bored here.. and I think I'm pretty normal, maybe a bit crazy:-)]

Ok so these were some quots and my comments. I did want to write this because I thought about it all day. I think its not a very objective article. You have to be in Second Life for a while to know what you are talking about, if not shutt the fuck up!

Hope I don't get in trouble with this one, lol!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

What a voice that woman has!!! WOW!!!

Last night we went to the Nance Brody concert at the SL Ice Theatre. She is a soul singer and OMG what a voice. I'm thinking of getting her on my stage too soon. Thx for the invite Ewa and Jesper, I really enjoyed this one:-)))

Saturday, April 25, 2009

SL Ice Hotel does it again!!

Nance Brody live at the Ice Hotel tonight at 2 PM SLT or 11.00 CET!! Don't miss it:-)


Friday, April 24, 2009


Outch!!! Damn... just fell with my head on my RL desk at work grr... why??My own stupid fault, I stayed up to late, much much to late. why??? Cause it was so much fun in SL last night:-)
First I had to say goodbye to my man (he is smart, he goes to bed on time when he has to go to work the next day), so I kissed him and whished him sweet dreams. Me, well I thought about doing some photoshop, but suddenly an IM from Lieke, Lieke is a girl I met in SL some time ago, she is also from Belgium, Antwerp and really nice. So we started to talk, talk, talk... then I met my RL best friend in SL, Gixxxer, again talk, talk, talk... and last but not least I ended up at a ABBA tribute concert. GOD I love ABBA, lol... So I started to dance and didn't stop till 4.15 CET this morning and I had to get up at 6.30 CET, pfffffff....
So that is why!!!
I must get some sleep, urgently......Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Lionheart Stage Foreplay;-)

May 9th at 12 pm SLT tribute to Simple Minds on Club Lionheart Stage!!! Keep track of the blog and group notices:-)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

God is a DJ... Jo is my DJ

I do not really believe in God.
I believe in the good in people.
I believe in people who inspire you, people who believe in you, people who stand by you all the way, people who respect you for who you are, people who will never let you down, people who stimulate you to try new things, people who forgive you when you make a huge mistake.
I am very lucky to know somebody like that, very very lucky...
God is a DJ..(he rocks the world)
Jo is my DJ..(you rock my world)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Some vacation pictures;-)

We needed some vacation after all the stress from last weeks, so what better way to do then go on the speedboat and choose open sea;-) Best vacation of my SLlife honey, thx, love you:-)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Do the Locomotion with me

Sitting in the locomotive some nights ago reminded me of a song, a song that has always made me very happy:-))) Do the locomotion with me Baby:-)

Optical Illusion Museum: Part Two

Ok I can't help this but I had to go back there and now together with my sweet husband but O man, what the f***k did I do to him??!!! He is ...I'm so sorry honey, please forgive me for this:-)

Mirrors, mirrors all over the place mirrors, quite a strange experience, O and eh .. he got his leg back at the end of the museum tour:-)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Hot Spot: Optical Illusion Museum

OMG, this is an interactive museum you really must visit. I was only half way through it when my husband logged on but I really must go back there tonight to explore the rest of that museum lol. Some pics.....

My head on a fruitplate!!??
Where is my head!!??
Snake Lio!!??Maybe I am a snake sometimes;-)
Spider Lio!!?? Well maybe now a lost my arachnophobia, hehe...
Spinning disk, hell I had no time to try this, so I do that one tonight... hope I will be ok after, pff..

Hot Spot: Taj Mahal in SL

Back to my hotspots:-) Defenitely one to see. The Taj Mahal in Secondlife. Very relaxing music, very peacefull environment and ofcourse the opportunity to do some tai chi:-)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!!!

Finally the night did end quiet and peacefull:-)

Tired but satisfied about a great night... us finally relaxing:-) thx honey for all your help, love you, superkiss
Thx Iemie and Gixxxer:-)

Thx Michel and Lane, hope you guys had fun too;-)

After the show... O MY GOD!!!

Ok, the show was over so everybody a little tired.. Here you see Gixxxer and Iemie close together so I thought ok... we will end this night quiet and peacefull...

but, I thought wrong... before I even realized Gixxxer and Iemie got on their camels to go for a ride!!!! OMG...

Next thing I knew they were after my pig, cause they were hungry and wanted to put it on the bbq, but don't mess with this Lion Iemie, loool....

You both will never ever touch my pig as long as I live GRRRRR

Special thanks to the dancers!!!

Thank you Cha:-)
Thank you Sinni:-)
Thank you Lukas:-)
Thank you Leni:-)

Raven Kondor was GREAT!!!!

Raven Kondor is truely a great artist with a spectacular voice. Thank you so much Raven for this great show!!:-)